About Us

Minds Europe (ME) is a Research and Development organization which operates through four main drivers (Mind-set CULTURE, Mind-set NATURE, Mind-set PEOPLE, Mind-set AI). ME team consists out of professionals with over 40 years of collective experiences in the fields of tourism, culture and creativity, social vulnerability and inclusion, sustainability, environmental protection and climate change, and many other fields. ME is forming synergy with similar minded entities such as governments, local administrative agencies, non-profit agencies, commercial entities, and educational institutions. Therefore, ME strive to identify and tackle systemic challenges through evidence-based research, going beyond state of the art, developing solutions by taking into consideration the local ecosystems, cultural dynamics, needs of the stakeholders and implementing sustainable solutions.

Mind-set CULTURE

Culture, tradition and heritage show the diversity and preciousness of human creation. Our task is to preserve them, but also to promote them through workshops, projects and research. Particularity and rarity have always attracted the curious minds of our team.

Mind-set NATURE

Our team is committed to sustainable development and the preserved natural environment. Through our activities, we try to make nature accessible to everyone, to learn about it because what we know is what we love in the end.

Mind-set PEOPLE

People as a part of nature, drivers of many activities, whether bad or good on this planet, or specifically in society are a very important item and we strive to improve general well-being, accessibility, active aging, social inclusion, migration, sense of pride and sense of belonging .

Mind-set AI

An Artificial Intelligence mindset is  incredibly valuable when approaching projects, regardless of whether they involve AI technologies or not. By adopting an AI mindset, projects can become more data-driven, more experimental, and more focused on solving complex problems in efficient and effective ways.